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Help a Family - Donation for the Holidays

Through the help of our local schools and churches, we identify families who are in need of assistance.  These donations are provided to families who have been effected by life changing situations and are unable to provide for their children.  In the past we do our best to raise money and we were able to provide each family approximately $500.00 in gifts, money and coupons so their children can have a gift for the Christmas holiday.  It is amazing how many families are not fortunate enough to give their children a simple gift because every dollar is accounted for rent, utilities, medical bills, etc.  As compassionate human beings and Americans, knowing we can help these families and children warms the heart.  If you can afford to help make someone's life a little better during the holiday season we ask for your donation.  100% of your donations excluding the credit card fees are provided to the families. 

Some past situations where we provided support...

The wife of one of our members is a teacher in a local school, a child came to school in 20 degree weather with no jacket. She asked him where his jacket was and he responded; "I don't have a jacket" After the death of the father, a now single mother is raising 7 children.  No gifts under their tree because there is no tree. Elderly couple on only Social Security not able to keep up with their living expenses and food and they have no family to fall back on.

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